10 X Rose von Jericho Auferstehungspflanze Wunder der Natur&Geschenk Gluecksbringer

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Plant height: 6 – 12cm
Plant spacing: 6 – 9cm
Temperature: 15 – 25 ℃


Name:Resurrection Plant
Other name:Rose of Jericho,Spike Moss,Dinosaur Plant,Miracle Plant,Air Plant,Prehistoric Plant,Siempre Viva(Live Forever)
Area:It grows naturally in Northern Africa,southwest Asia,southwest America,and Central America.

No soil/planting needed.This plant is normal in a dry ball form state for a long time even without soil underneath it.Then place it in a bowl of water and within a few hours,you will have a blooming plant!Of course,you can plant it as well.Very little water is needed.Great for desert garden dry area.
The resurrection fern gets its name because it can survive long periods of drought by curling up its fronds and appearing desiccated,gray-brown and dead.However,when just a little water is present,the fern will uncurl and reopen,appearing to“resurrect“ and restoring itself to a vivid green color within about 24 hours.

Package Include:
10 X Resurrection Plant
Plant height: 6 – 12cm
Plant spacing: 6 – 9cm
Temperature: 15 – 25 ℃
Humidity: 85 – 95%
Light requirements: Partial – Full Shade

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